Patient Testimonals

I was in serious back, neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Walker’s treatments gave me immediate relief from pain. I had subsequent treatments and now I’m working and playing sports pain free. I feel confident in Dr. Walker’s ability and effective treatment plan. Pain relief was most important to me. I also felt Dr. Walker’s support and treatment plan allowed healing in a timely manner. Dr. Walker has gone the extra mile to make Chiropractic treatments affordable.

– Tom C.

[I was most pleased by] the results! My chronic back pain has virtually disappeared…I was skeptical for many years, but no longer because of the results. The staff is great! Very nice and they educate you along the way. 

– Shawne M.

[I was most pleased by Dr. Walker's flexibility and willingness to work with the client in a variety of areas. [I was] able to learn more about [my] body structure, spinal cord alignment, good as well as bad habits on how I sit, walk, etc. 

– Austin A.

I have been using spinal decompression for treatment of a sciatic nerve problem and it has really worked. Try [chiropractic]—it works. Our body is pretty complicated and there are lots of alternative treatments that don’t require drugs and chiropractic is one of them that works. 

– Irene D.

I feel so much better with the therapy I receive.  Dr. Walker is a professional doctor and help[s] improve health. 

– Silvia V.

I have less body pain and I believe better posture. Try it because you will feel a lot better.  Dr. Walker has a great family [and] very nice people.

 - Ana V.

When I started it hurt to move. Now some things still hurt but overall I'm back 2 normal. [Chiropractic] works, go for it. I have less pain. [Treatment] was good, I feel much better. 

- Joseph C.

Go and do everything the Doctor tells you. The interest level of care given by these Doctors is wonderful! I am now stretching over an exercise ball, I take all of my vitamins, have changed my diet, and just started to swim. 

- Patricia H.

It helps with my back pain so I can go about my daily activities...It helps me a lot and is a good way to keep your body working properly. The Doctors here are very friendly and express concern for my pain and my body's health. 

- Tim B.

 [Chiropractic care] relieved me of my back pain/neck pain and helped me a lot with flexibility...Give it a try, it can only help. [I was pleased by the] flexibility and friendliness of staff and superb service. 

- Roy P.

I first visited this office because I was having awful muscle spasms in my neck that didn't go away within the usual three days. They were a preferred provider through my PPO medical insurance, so I figured I might as well since I had nothing to lose. 

I am very picky about Chiropractors, as there are lots out there that claim to cure everything under the sun with chiropractic care. These doctors are honest and straightforward. they are genuinely concerned with helping each patient and don't try to sell you on treatments you don't need or purport to have the sure for everything that ails you. Just real "quality" chiropractic care! 

- Tricia B

Drs. Joshua and Jessica are truly the BEST chiropractic care I have ever received! I have been pain free ever since I left their office! I will recommend them to everyone I know. Next time I visit  Dr. Walker I will be giving their office a call! 

- Alyson R

First, I must say I love the fact they have a large parking lot. If you have ever had to look for parking and/or circle the block 20 times, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Second, I met and was treated (back problems all my life, due to a fractured back when I was younger, so regular adjustments are mandatory for me) by Dr. Joshua Walker and I must say he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. Very kind and courteous. Nothing short of a peaceful and relaxing experience. I say this because I always get a little nervous just before adjustments. Of course, my back is feeling better theses days and I'm not getting as many aches and pains in my body since I've started to go to them a few times now. No one sells up either, which is nice. Just gives you what you need and ask for. They just moved to this new office but I heard about them when they were at their old location but just never went there. But it looks like I have found my new go-to-chiro-guy! Thanks Dr. and see you on my next visit! 

- Cheri O.

I have had chiropractic treatment for many years and have been treated by Chiropractors with different philosophies and techniques. Dr. Josh and Dr Jessica have found a way to take in all the information and disciplines and design a treatment plan that is catered to your needs. They are also the friendliest people you could ever meet and it's always a pleasure to get to see them for my treatments. If you want to be treated by doctors who know their stuff and have your highest potential in mind, go here!

- Vanessa L

Drs Josh and Jessica Walker are some of the most kind, genuine and warm people in all of North County and I can confidently say, skilled in the art of healing and holistic health. Drs. Joshua and Jessica approach the business as a family and you feel like you are part of their family as they treat you. I discovered  Dr. Walker on local radio a few years ago and they had incredible health tips and ideas at the time.

- Tom S

Dr. Walker is professional and very caring. The adjustment was gentle yet effective I would recommend highly!! 

- Debi W

I want to tell you about this great doctor, Dr Joshua. He was my Chiropractor in 2008 but I moved away from Oceanside. I recently I had a back issue that no one could help so after many disappointments I went back to his office. He took x-rays of my back and started explaining and working on my back for over an hour. Now I feel much better and also I know what I should do to keep my back healthy. Really, thank you, Doctor Joshua for being so kind, honest and knowledgeable. 

- Jamal

Dr Walker was straight to the point and identified my problem after an exam and some x-rays. I liked how he took care of me without a lot of salesmanship. Very professional. No waiting. Nice office staff. 

- Ryan

I have been a patient at  Dr. Walker for less than a year, I was referred to the office through my insurance and have not been let down. I came to see Dr Walker because my back is in very bad shape from years of being a bricklayer and accidents. My pain would radiate so I would be in pain from my head down to my toes. The chiropractic treatment I have received in this office has helped very much. I feel that Dr Jess and Dr Josh run a very professional office, not only do they treat your problem they educate you on your problems and ways that can help you in the long run. Every visit to them has left me feeling positive about my recovery. They have a very nice parking area, parking is no problem. But that wouldn't matter much to me, I would "walk a mile" to be treated in this office. What makes Dr Jess and Dr Josh stand out is that they take pride in what they do and enjoy healing their patients. My experience here has been nothing but positive. The doctors go above and beyond, I have been to many Chiropractors and none finer than the team here at Dr. Walker. I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone!! 

- Tim K

On my first treatment I had noticeable results. The tingling [in my right arm] subsided completely on subsequent visits. 

– Tom L.

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