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Dr.Walker has practiced chiropractic for 12 years. He has moved his practice from Oceanside to Carlsbad as of July 2017. He has always been drawn to the Ocean and enjoyed practicing on Coast Highway in Oceanside. Reaching a point in life where he wanted to be more accessible to a broader population has brought him to Carlsbad. 

He is now located in the Carlsbad Business park on Faraday Ave. Still close enough for his Oceanside clientele to see him without having to drive far. He is now close to the thriving business community in Carlsbad. "I noticed over the years, many of my patients worked along the Palomar Airport Road corridor, and when the opportunity arose to move my practice I jumped at it". He is now located in the Work-Space building on Faraday Ave. at the corner of Priestly. Just one block west of El Camino, making him very accessible to Calavera Hills, Bressi Ranch, and his Oceanside patients. 

His principles have remained the same with little tweaks here and there, he still provides excellent care to all his patients. His primary focus being active life style to promote health. His willingness to spend time with and get to know his patients has helps thousands find balance between Chiropractic care and exercise to maintain a decreased and or pain free life between treatments. “I have never thought of my Chiropractic practice as a way to keep people on a hamster-wheel of therapy. I help people achieve their health and fitness goals then maintain that level of health. With effective treatments for acute and chronic pain as well as preventive adjustments we can work together to achieve your fitness goals”. 

Dr. Walker now accepts most Health Insurances plans and is ready to help you. Just call or text him at (760) 967-7444

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